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Chris Wallace: Trump Family “Violated the Rules” About Wearing Masks During Debate

Speaking on America’s Newsroom Friday, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace discussed the different approaches the Trump and Biden camps took to the Cleveland Clinic’s rules about wearing face coverings during Tuesday’s debate, in light of President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis.

Biden’s people, Wallace said, “all came in wearing masks and wore them throughout the entire debate. The Trump family came in, I’m told, wearing masks but then took them off once they sat down in their seats. That actually violated the rules of the Cleveland Clinic, which was in charge of all the safety issues inside the hall.”

Wallace said that he, Trump, and Biden were the only people in the hall who weren’t required to wear masks. A Cleveland Clinic official “came up to the first family when they were seated and offered them masks in case they didn’t have them and they were waved away,” he said.

After the debate, Wallace said, Melania Trump walked past him bare-faced. Wallace said he was tested for coronavirus before the debate and intends to get another test.

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