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Biden Cat Collars, Trump Cologne—Here’s the Most Bizarre Political Merch Out There

Whether you want to own the libs or take back the Oval Office, there's something for you.

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

The year 2020 is a wild time: It speaks to our evolution as a species that you can click a button and have a talking Donald Trump figurine show up at your door in 24 hours.

Whether you want to own the libs or take back the Oval Office, there’s political paraphernalia for everyone these days. So, we rounded up some of the strangest Biden and Trump swag we could find:

Joe Biden cat collar

Just in case they was any doubt regarding where your cat is on the political spectrum, there’s this “No meowlarkey” cat collar. Do less, 2020.

Joe Biden pet bandana

Because American cats are a key swing demographic when it comes to votes. (Don’t worry—there’s a dog version, too.)

Joe Biden coffee

If you want a side of Joe with your….cup of joe.

Joe Biden hand sanitizer

This “Build Back Better” bottle of hand sanitizer will help keep you Covid-free and politically active. Nice!

Joe Biden phone case

Every time you pull out your phone with its “Biden: He won’t inject you with bleach” case, people will know where you stand when it comes to both politics and medical science.

Joe Biden-scented candle

For when you want a big ole whiff o’ Biden. (According to this candle, he smells like orange gatorade, of which he’s a fan.)

Joe Biden Journal

“Dear Diary: Today I saw Joe Biden on C-SPAN. He is soooooooooo dreamy….”

Joe Biden dog toy

TBD on whether this is pro- or anti-Biden, but in either case, your pup can gnaw on a plush version of the nominee.

Donald Trump wall game

Branded as “the perfect gag gift for the deplorable bad hombres in your life,” this game is like Jenga, except with a border wall and a president.

Donald Trump bobblehead

This Trump figurine is flipping the bird behind a podium, and comes with “Hey Liberals” or “Hey Media” signs you can switch out depending on which camp you’d like to offend that day.

MAGA key rack

Perfect for hanging up the keys to the vault where you keep your hydroxychloroquine stash.

Donald Trump fan

A fan to keep you cool at crowded indoor rallies.

Donald Trump straws

Because what else would you stick in your morning iced covfefe?

Donald Trump hot sauce

Just in case you want your Goya beans extra spicy.

Donald Trump cologne

“Smells like freedom with a subtle hint of liberal tears,” reads an Amazon review of this spray. “God bless our president and God bless America.”

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