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Hey, Washingtonians: Are You Having More Or Less Sex? Losing Or Saving Money? Networking, Or Not?

Take our anonymous poll about this time in our lives known as 2020.

Illustration by Hannah Good

How much do you want to forget 2020? Yeah, us, too. But in the good news department: The year is almost over. Before it ends, we’re looking back at how we lived through it.

As in:

Is your relationship with your partner better or worse? Are you re-watching The West Wing? Do you use public bathrooms? Have you had the Fauci Pouchy? Are you falling in love with places around Washington that you’d never been to before Covid? Did you watch the Trump 2020 fireworks show? Did you start taking sleep aids? What’s the priciest thing you bought to get you through?

Take a spin through our anonymous 2020 Poll About 2020—it’s less than 5 minutes of clicking. The results will show up in our December issue.