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Here’s a Breakdown of Who Gets the Vaccine When in DC

You might qualify earlier than you think.

Today, DC Department of Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt provided more information about the different phases of vaccine distribution in DC. While she was unable to confirm exact dates of when the city would move into each phase, she was able to share a comprehensive breakdown of the order in which different groups would be vaccinated.

Though individuals can schedule a vaccination appointment any time after their group is eligible, the city is recommending people register as soon as possible to avoid longer wait times and a clogged system. Here’s the city’s phased breakdown.

Phase 1a (already entered)

  • Long-term-care residents
  • Healthcare personnel (including veterinary medicine)
  • Fire and emergency medical personnel
  • Frontline public-health workers

Phase 1b tier 1 (in progress)

  • DC residents age 65 and older
  • Congregate settings (intermediate-care facilities, community residential facilities, group homes, homeless shelters)
  • Correctional officers
  • Staff working in congregate settings
  • Non-healthcare personnel supporting operations of Covid-19 vaccination clinics

Phase 1b tier 2

  • Correctional facilities and detention centers
  • Law enforcement/public safety
  • All staff working in K-12 educational facilities
  • All staff working in child-care facilities
  • All staff working in grocery stores

Phase 1b tier 3

  • Staff working in courts and individuals providing legal services
  • Individuals working in health, human services, and/or social services outreach programs
  • Frontline employees of public mass transit
  • Individuals employed in manufacturing
  • Individuals working in food packaging and distribution
  • Employees of the US Postal Service

Phase 1c tier 1

  • DC residents age 16 and older with a chronic medical condition with increased risk of complications for Covid-19 and/or a chronic medical condition as defined by their health care provider
  • Staff working in food service
  • Essential employees in local government agencies
  • Essential employees of public utilities
  • Essential employees in non-governmental health, human, and social services organizations/agencies
  • Individuals working in commercial and residential property maintenance and environmental services

Phase 1c tier 2

  • Individuals working in non-public transit transportation services (i.e., for-hire vehicles, ride share)
  • Individuals working in logistics/delivery/courier services
  • Essential employees working in media and mass communications

Phase 1c tier 3

  • All essential employees of institutes of higher education
  • Individuals working in construction
  • All essential employees working in information technology
  • Essential employees in federal government agencies
  • Individuals working in commercial and residential property management

Phase 2

  • All DC residents age 16 an older not included in previous phases

Jane Recker
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