Here’s How the Extended Harris-Emhoff Clan Breaks a Sweat

A family of SoulCycle riders, runners, and yogis will be hanging out at the Naval Observatory.

Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff. Photo by Adam Schultz/ Biden for President.

While our new president will potentially pose a cybersecurity threat if he taps it back on his Peloton in the White House, what is the Harris-Emhoff clan doing to stay fit? We took a look at how the Second Family—and its extended members—break a sweat.

Vice President Kamala Harris

In October, the vice president told former President Barack Obama that she starts every day with a workout, regardless of how much sleep she got the night before. Prior to the pandemic, she was a known fan of SoulCycle (including Soul Survivor on weekends) and the elliptical. But during the early days of the pandemic’s weight shortage, she pivoted to using water bottles as hand weights, as well as riding a stationary bike.

Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff

The second gentleman is a fan of yoga, running up sets of stairs, and doing planks. His affinity for running stairs extends beyond just those inside his building—he’s been known to run up any set he comes across. He also enjoys taking long walks with the vice president (may we suggest a few local routes?)

Ella Emhoff

Harris’s stepdaughter and America’s favorite Brooklynite may not have a ton of time for exercise between running her online store, studying textiles, and being a fashion icon. But her mom Kerstin Emhoff snapped this Instagram during a mother-daughter pilates session in 2019.

Cole Emhoff

As a Colorado College graduate, we would venture a guess that Emhoff—Harris’s stepson—probably enjoys his fair share of outdoorsy activities. But he may also be doing some downward dog poses: His mom took this photo during a family yoga session in 2016.

Kerstin Emhoff

In accordance with the coolness of the modern Second Family, the second gentleman’s ex-wife is an important (and welcomed) figure in the Harris-Emhoff clan. A friend of the vice president, she also enjoys SoulCycle and has attended classes with her ex.

Meena Harris

The CEO-slash-TikTok star (and Harris’s niece) says she puts on workout clothes in the morning to motivate herself to squeeze in a workout. If she has time to break a sweat, she likes to hop on her bike for a 30-minute session.

Tony West

Better known as @meenasdad on Instagram, the vice president’s brother-in-law loves to run (and even fit in a jog on election day with his son-in-law Nikolas Ajagu). He’s run the Oakland marathon at least four times and even sported his “Kamala Harris for the People” shirt while running past the White House in 2019.