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Check Out NBC’s Lavish New DC News Bureau

They've left their Nebraska Avenue home after more than six decades.

After more than six dec­ades on Nebraska Avenue, NBC’s DC news bureau is relocating to a six-floor, 80,000-square-foot facility that’s closer to the government and politicians they cover. Here’s a look at the new space, which includes a ground-floor studio with large windows that let the public see in. Meet the Press With Chuck Todd, Way Too Early With Kasie Hunt, and other NBC News programs will broadcast from the new facility (Chuck Todd’s show aired from the new bureau this weekend), along with content for MSNBC, Telemundo, NBC News Channel, and CNBC. 

The move offers “a look that is more fitting with the times and more fitting with our location,” says Ken Strickland, VP of NBC News and Washington bureau chief. “When you walk in that first floor, you get a sense of ‘Yeah, I’m in Washington—it feels like Washington.’ ” Strickland also points to the studios’ of-the-moment technology, with plentiful touchscreens and other video wizardry that gives them “the ability to do news faster and better,” Strickland says. “If you think about polling numbers and graphics and think about the way that Chuck Todd utilizes touchscreens and things like that, we now have more opportunities to do that in more different places for more different entities.”

Photographs courtesy of NBC Universal.