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Jen Psaki Now Has a Twitter Hashtag: #PsakiBomb

The White House Press Secretary's knack for swatting away questions she doesn't like has a name.

Photo via iStock.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is trending on Twitter after refusing to address recent controversies involving Marjorie Taylor Greene and GameStop during her briefing on Friday. 

Psaki deflected a question about Greene by pointedly saying, “We don’t want to elevate conspiracy theories further in the briefing room, and I’ll leave it at that.” When another reporter asked whether President Biden would discuss the GameStop situation with his economic team, calling it a “big story,” she replied, “I know it’s a big story, but our focus and our big story is getting the American people back to work.”

Progressive politics site MeidasTouch today dubbed Psaki’s ability to subtly smack down questions she finds frivolous a “Psaki Bomb,” and the term quickly took off, with #PsakiBomb soon trending on Twitter.


Noting the term’s similarity to the Sake Bomb cocktail, Twitter wits have now started creating recipes for a Psaki Bomb drink. Others are using the hashtag simply to express their fandom of the new press secretary, who is already distinguishing herself both by her low-key style and by the fact that she has actually, you know, been holding regular press briefings. 

So what does Psaki herself make of the #PsakiBomb phenomenon? We’d call her up and ask, but…we don’t want to get Psaki Bombed.