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DC Says All Residents Should Be Eligible for Covid Vaccine by May 1

Photo-illustration by Jenny Rosenberg.

DC officials announced today a plan to have all DC residents vaccine eligible by May 1. Until then, eligibility is still prioritized for certain populations. Here’s the latest timing for which priority groups become eligible when:

Week of March 15: 

  • Staff working in courts and individuals providing legal services
  • Frontline employees of public mass transit
  • US Postal Service employees
  • Staff working in food service
  • Essential employees in local government agencies
  • Essential employees of public utilities
  • Essential employees in health, human, and social services organizations and agencies
  • Individuals working in commercial and residential property maintenance and environmental services

Week of March 29

  • Individuals working in non-public transit services such as for-hire vehicles and ride share
  • Individuals working in logistics, delivery, or courier services
  • Essential employees working in media and mass communications

Week of April 12

  • All essential employees of institutions of higher education
  • Individuals working in construction
  • All essential employees working in information technology
  • Essential employees in federal government agencies
  • Individuals working in commercial and residential property management

Jane Recker
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