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Metro’s New High-Tech Railcars Are Getting Built in the DC Area

They'll replace the '80s-era trains that are still in use today.

Photograph by kanzilyou via iStock.

A bunch of brand new Metro cars are on the way—and they’ll be assembled in the Washington area. WMATA has tapped Hitachi Rail Washington to build the 8000-series trains, and the $2.2 billion contract includes plans to erect a railcar assembly site somewhere in the DC area. Look for the first trains to hit the track in 2024.

These 8000-series railcars—which have a 40 year lifespan—will replace the 2000 and 3000-series trains that were built in the ’80s and are still in use today. Hitachi will start producing 256 new cars, but could build up to 800 new ones.

So, what can we expect from these newfangled carriages? Better ventilation systems and a tech upgrade: look for phone-charging outlets, and digital screens and maps providing of-the-moment information.




Daniella Byck
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