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How Online Is the Biden Administration?

Who’s the most social-savvy—and who’s the least.

Rating from Social Savant to Online Abstainer:

Ron Klain

Biden’s chief of staff uses Twitter liberally, often sharing posts that praise Biden or mention his priorities. In a span of ten days after the inauguration, Klain sent 432 tweets. He was also a relatively early adopter of Clubhouse, the trendy invite-only audio-chat app.

Pete Buttigieg

Secretary Pete entered his new job with 3.4 million followers on his personal Twitter. He uses his work account to push action on infrastructure, while his personal feed often features his husband, Chasten.

Jen Psaki

Even if much of her output isn’t especially newsmaking, Biden’s press secretary is a fairly frequent tweeter. She also launched a video series in which she answers questions from Twitter users.

Lloyd Austin

The Defense Secretary joined Twitter in December. Austin’s first message: “They say you learn something new every day. Well today, I’m learning about Twitter.” Since then, he has mostly used his account for official statements and readouts of calls.

Joe Biden

The President is largely not online. Tweets from the @POTUS account seem to be written by staffers, a stark departure from Donald Trump’s misspelled missives. Politico reported in December that Biden prefers newspapers to social media, but he does get news alerts on his iPhone.

Steve Ricchetti

One of Biden’s closest advisers, Ricchetti has virtually no online presence. (The same goes for senior advisers Mike Donilon, Anita Dunn, and Bruce Reed.) For now, at least, much of Biden’s inner circle seems eager to keep the volume turned down.