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Climate Activists Dumped Cow Poop Near the White House. The City Had to Clean It Up.

Twitter users on both sides of the aisle were not amused.

This morning, to protest Biden’s “bullshit” climate plan, activists with Extinction Rebellion DC dumped over a dozen wheelbarrows of “cow shit” at 17th Street and New York Avenue Northwest, near the White House. Here’s what it looked like at the scene:

Biden is currently hosting a virtual climate summit with 40 world leaders, and has promised to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. But for XRDC, that’s not enough. They’re demanding Biden set that net-zero target for 2025.

“”We’ve elected another president who can’t understand basic science,” said Reilly Polka, a spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion DC. “Just like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, Biden is fiddling with dates and targets as the ocean rises, and the world burns. The president has failed to address the immense scale of the planetary emergency. Those travelling first class are still enjoying the party too much to hear the cries of those already drowning in the decks below.”

After dumping the mounds of manure, the activists said they would “clean up their shit” this time, but they were unwilling to do so for Biden’s “bullshit” climate plan.

Except….they didn’t clean up their shit. As the group receded with their empty wheelbarrows, the heap of manure was left to stink in the middle of the street, blocking traffic. When asked for comment, an XRDC spokesperson wrote, “Rebels returned with shovels to clean up, which was the plan, but the city had already begun. It’s unfortunate that the city had to clean our mess, but that’s exactly what Biden is asking humanity to do with his 2030 plan—he’s making it everyone else’s problem. We thank the city for their services this morning.”

Twitter users were quick to point out it was a troubling oversight that the majority-white group left the cleanup job for likely BIPOC and low-wage workers of DC Public Works.

Other tweeting lefties bemoaned how performative the action was, noting that the barriers around the White House meant the poop mound wasn’t even visible from the residence.

The protest created a rare unification of lefty and righty Twitter, as Trumpworld and GOPers pointed out the fallacy of the plan.

And the National Farmer’s Union pointed this out:

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