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Tony Podesta Had a Toilet Camera? Yes, Tony Podesta Had a Toilet Camera.

Readers of the New York Times’ recent profile of former lobbyist Tony Podesta may have come away thinking not about his renewed K Street aspirations, but about the article’s mention of a toilet camera.

According to the Times, Podesta’s former Falls Church home had a “closed-circuit video camera installed inside a toilet allowing users to observe their bodily processes from a unique angle.” Even for Podesta and his ex-wife, Heather, known for their expansive art collection, a toilet cam was quite the statement. So what’s the deal?

The artist responsible for the work is Pipilotti Rist, who’s known for her sometimes uncomfortably boundary-crossing work. “She’s an artist who doesn’t accept conventions about anything,” says Podesta, “and I have long admired her work.”   

The Podestas sold their Falls Church house in 2007 (they divorced in 2014), and rather than truck the toilet-cam to Kalorama, they donated it to the Guggenheim in New York. 

Correction: This post has been updated with the right artist information and a quote from Podesta. 




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