Arlington Is Yet Again Named Fittest City in America

DC ranked sixth in the latest ranking from the American College of Sports Medicine.

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For the fourth year in the row, Arlington, Virginia has been named the fittest city in the country by the American College of Sports Medicine. Arlington has continued to beat out other top contenders Seattle and Minneapolis, as well as DC, which came in sixth place this year.

Beyond the overall top ranking, Arlington placed first for residents in excellent or very good health. The Virginia suburb also boasts the lowest percentage of residents with high blood pressure, diabetes, angina, or coronary heart disease. According to the report, only 3.5 percent of Arlington residents are smokers and only about 15 percent have high blood pressure. Arlingtonians are apparently on a runner’s high, with 86 percent of residents having exercised in the past month. And the percentage of residents suffering from food insecurity is one of the nation’s lowest, coming in at 7 percent.

Meanwhile, DC is above the national average when it comes to monthly exercise and in residents in excellent or very good health. The District was also below the national average in obesity and smoking.

Arlington’s high score is partially derived from the city’s strong infrastructure and accessible green spaces. The report concedes, however, that this year has been one of the most difficult for residents of cities to access community spaces and keep in good health, given a global pandemic and all.

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