Cracked Eggery Is Serving All-Day Egg Sandwiches in Cleveland Park

Plus: bowls topped with fried eggs and loaded tater tots.

Photo by Daniella Byck.

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When egg sandwich purveyor Cracked Eggery began serving sandwiches in 2019, partners Ross Brickelmaier, Mike Tabb, and AJ Zarinsky set up a sidewalk table and griddle for the Cleveland Park farmer’s market. A year later, they unveiled a roving food truck. Now, across the street from the spot where they got their start, Cracked Eggery will open its first fast-casual restaurant on Friday, September 10.

Neon egg and bacon lights line the ceiling. Photo by Daniella Byck.
Neon egg and bacon lights line the ceiling. Photo by Daniella Byck.

If there’s any question about the restaurant’s menu, diners just need to look up to see a canopy of neon lights in the shape of eggs and bacon. While egg sandwiches are typically considered breakfast fare, Tabb says the restaurant rebels against that restrictive mindset, offering morning fare for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fans of the food truck will find plenty of familiar favorites. Look for “the Mayor,” a bacon, egg, and cheese slathered with the restaurant’s signature “cracked” sauce and “Willie’s Hash,” where diner classic corn beef hash is reimagined between slices of toasted challah. For those seeking an egg-free option, there’s a tall bacon cheeseburger and “the Frankie,” a grilled cheese named after a young regular who requested the sandwich.

The bacon-topped Cracked Burger. Photo by Daniella Byck.
The bacon-topped Cracked Burger. Photo by Daniella Byck.

In addition to the between-bread offerings, the restaurant serves bowls topped with fried eggs like the Seoul Mate, a Korean-inspired dish with pork belly and kimchi slaw. Crispy tater tots are a choose-your-own-adventure of flavors with options that are both sweet (cinnamon sugar) and savory (Old Bay).

Ingredients are sourced locally when possible, says Tabb. Alexandria’s Logan Sausage is the half-smoke supplier, lox comes from Ivy City Smokehouse, and Compass Coffee provides the restaurant’s java.

The Cleveland Park restaurant will be followed by a 24/7 location in Shaw slated to open in the fall.

Cracked Eggery. 3420 Connecticut Ave., NW. 

Daniella Byck
Lifestyle Editor

Daniella Byck joined Washingtonian in 2022. She was previously with Outside Magazine and lives in Northeast DC.