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Five Zebras Have Been on the Run in Maryland for a Week

They're operating in a couple of groups. Do not approach them.

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Five zebras are on the run in Maryland.

The animals escaped August 31 from a farm near Upper Marlboro, the Washington Post reports. Somehow, this unusual event stayed mostly under the radar until Tuesday. People in Channel 4’s helicopter spotted three zebras chowing down on some grass Tuesday: “Ma’am, I am not drinking. I have not had any drugs. I have zebras in my backyard walking on the train tracks,” a Prince George’s County woman says she told a dispatcher when she called to report the incursion.

The zebras are reportedly operating in two groups, one with three zebras and another working as a pair. People shouldn’t approach them, the chief of Prince George’s County’s Animal Services Division told the Post, noting that the animals could bite.

If you see the zebras, please call the county.

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