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Check Out DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s First TikTok

Bowser joined the social media app on Thursday.

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

A new creator has joined video app TikTok—but this TikToker is likely more interested in ballot counts than follower counts. Mayor Muriel Bowser posted her first TikTok on Thursday afternoon under the handle @mayorbowser, welcoming viewers to her account in a 17-second clip.

Speaking in front of a DC flag and a painting of abolitionist Frederick Douglass, Bowser describes the page as “a space to learn about DC government resources, connect with other Washingtonians and keep up with what I’m up to.” The video also includes a quick shout out to statehood with Bowser calling DC the “the future 51st state.”

The mayor gets accessibility points for providing closed captioning on her TikTok. But as far as introductory videos go, this one’s as dry as, well, municipal bureaucracy. Some politicos have mastered the tedious balance of business and fun on the platform—just take a look at Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s account and Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff’s videos. While trending audios and challenges might seem frivolous, they also help boost videos onto a user’s For You Page, dispersing content to a wider audience. Will subsequent videos play with viral sounds? Will the mayor bust a move? We’ll be hitting “follow” to find out.

Watch Mayor Bowser’s first TikTok here:


Welcome to the official TikTok of #WashingtonDC Mayor Bowser! #DC #TikTokofDC #DCTikTok #MayorBowser

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Daniella Byck
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