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An Exhibit About the US/Mexico Border Wall Will Open Soon in DC

“The Wall/El Muro: What is a Border Wall?” will be a multimedia experience at the National Building Museum.

A portion of the border wall (Photograph by Sarah Leavitt)

An exhibition about the US/Mexico border wall will open at the National Building Museum on Saturday, November 6. “The Wall/El Muro: What is a Border Wall?” is a multimedia exhibit that will feature immersive components such as pictures, videos, artifacts, and more to illustrate the wall’s impacts, as well as its the inner workings of its construction. The exhibit will be open for a year, and visitors can experience it in English or Spanish. 

Some specific aspects of “The Wall/El Muro” include playing the ambient sounds of the border wall, an actual portion of the wall, and some trippy Peter Max pop-artwork the US once used to welcome people. The installation was curated by Sarah Leavitt, who works as a curator for the Lillian & Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum. 

The exhibit was originally slated to open in May 2020, but the pandemic delayed it by more than a year. It opens now at a time when a new President has halted border-wall construction but the Border Patrol is reportedly arresting more people than ever before

The Building Museum is currently open Friday through Sunday, from 11 AM to 4 PM. As of November 8, it will be open Friday through Monday from 11 AM to 4 PM. Other current exhibits at the museum include a tribute to gun-violence victims and a photo exhibit that commemorates 9/11. 

Jason Fontelieu
Editorial Fellow