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Photos: Award-Winning Wildlife Photography From a New Natural History Museum Exhibit

Photos of a monkey with a cellphone, a shadow of an ant on a leaf, and a bird holding a paper clip will be on display.

Photo by Jasper Doest/Unforgettable Behavior.

The National Museum of Natural History will showcase several award-winning photographs of rarely seen animal behaviors in a photo exhibition, titled “Unforgettable Behavior: Wildlife Photographer of the Year.”

The exhibition, which opens on Wednesday, is a specially curated photography show from the Natural History Museum in London. It features 38 images from past Wildlife Photographer of the Year competitions. From a flock of birds rummaging through a trash pile for food to mountain gorilla holding her babies after an attack, each photo is meant to tell a unique story about our changing environment and human-animal interactions.

Here are some of the photos that will be included in the exhibit:

“A miracle of monarchs” Photo by Axel Gomille/Unforgettable Behavior


“Beached bears” Photo by Howie Garber Images/Unforgettable Behavior.


“Beavering” Louis-Marie Préau/Unforgettable Behavior


“Facebook update” Marsel van Oosten/Unforgettable Behavior
“Mother’s little headful” Udayan Rao Pawar/Unforgettable Behavior


“The charge” Eric Pierre/Unforgettable Behavior


“Ant rider” Bence Máté /Unforgettable Behavior


“The paper clip suitor” Tim Laman/Unforgettable Behavior
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