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Guest List: 5 People We’d Love to Hang Out With This February

A monthly roundup of people we’d like to have over for drinks, food, and conversation

From left to right: Maame Biney, Chuck Paterakis, Leila Fadel, Nick Brooks, Lindley Johnson.

About Guest List

Guest List is Washingtonian’s fantasy cast of who we’d like to invite over for dinner each month.

Maame Biney

A trailblazing 21-year-old Virginia speed skater, she’s headed to her second Olympics.


Chuck Paterakis

The owner of Baltimore’s Schmidt Baking Company told one of his drivers—who was stranded on I-95 in the storm—to hand out free bread.


Leila Fadel

A longtime foreign correspondent, she’s taking over the most domestic of institutions as a new cohost of NPR’s Morning Edition.


Nick Brooks

The filmmaker signed a seven-figure young-adult book deal for a mystery about three DC charter-school kids investigating a murder.


Lindley Johnson

NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer is the real-life counterpart of Rob Morgan’s character in the hit Netflix movie Don’t Look Up.

Photographs courtesy of subjects.
This article appears in the February 2022 issue of Washingtonian.