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Three Times Musicians Got Silver Spring’s Name Wrong

No plural. Photograph by M Ben via iStock/Getty Images Plus.


The singer who is not the future namesake of National Airport played the Fillmore Silver Spring Monday—and regrets her error with regard to the name of the town:

Fleetwood Mac

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The great lost Buckingham-Nicks breakup song was in fact inspired by the name of the DC suburb. As Rolling Stone reported in 2017:

The title came from Silver Spring, Maryland: While passing through the town on tour, Nicks romanticized the name. “It sounded like a pretty fabulous place to me,” she said in the Classic Albums documentary about Rumours. “It’s a whole symbolic thing of what [Lindsey] could have been to me.”

Har Mar Superstar

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No doubt: “You say you’re from DC / But your drivers license says Silver Springs, MD” is a quality diss, but it’s a lightly fact-checked one.

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