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Sigh, There Are More TikTok Maps About DC Neighborhoods

A viral video comparing DC to NYC has spawned imitators. Are they better?

This week, the Washington region experienced a craze for cartography, kicked off by a controversial TikTok comparing DC neighborhoods to areas of NYC. Other maps followed. Many people had opinions. Here is a brief recap for your Friday pleasure:

This first map roiled the region last weekend by claiming, among other things, that Bethesda is Connecticut because the commute is “so far,” and that Northwest is the Hamptons because—it’s expensive? Washingtonians were predictably irate.


Of course, it’s not a perfect match but how do you think I did? Inspired by @Franky Bernstein #dctiktok #nyc

♬ original sound – Roya

Next came a more granular map, delivered via TikTok with a brusque, jocular patter. “Absolutely, without a doubt, Navy Yard is Murray Hill,” the TikToker says.


All of this research is peer reviewed lab tested and 100% accurate #washingtondc #dctok #dmv #nyc #fyp

♬ Light Switch – Charlie Puth

At least she’s transparent: “Anything north of Columbia Heights, you’re in Queens. Don’t know what goes on up there, don’t know what goes on in Queens.” She finishes by declaring, “I do not make the rules and I will not be taking questions.” We believe her.

Finally, last night marked the debut of DC Twitter personality Jason Shevrin’s map comparing DC to Boston. We cannot comment, as we are not well-versed in—or in any way curious about—the neighborhoods of greater Boston.


This morning, my editor and I debated strategies to short-circuit this mapmaking mania: a map of DC neighborhoods as DC suburbs? What about a confusing DC-to-DC map? I asked him to produce said maps but he refused, apparently having better things to do.

This will be our last post about DC-to-other-city mapmaking. We will not be taking questions.

Sylvie McNamara
Staff Writer