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Don’t Worry, Dan Snyder Is Doing Great

And so are most DC-area billionaires. Good for them!

Commanders owner Dan Snyder. Photograph by Flickr user Keith Allison.

Dan Snyder’s net worth has skyrocketed since last year, Forbes reports in its new World’s Billionaires List of the richest people in 2022. The Washington Commanders owner, who spent part of the summer floating around the world while Congress tried to get him on a Zoom call, is worth almost $5 billion today. Snyder was worth about $2.2 billion in 2019, when Washingtonian published its list of the richest people in the DC area; since then Snyder has added the rough equivalent of Greenland’s GDP to his pocket.

How are the rest of our billionaires doing? Well, they’re billionaires, so one would presume they’re feeling splendid! Indeed, many have seen their net worths go up. A few of our 2019 billionaires didn’t make Forbes’ list: John Willard “Bill” Marriott Jr. and Richard Marriott; Enrique Segura; and Wilbur Ross, who sold his house to Peter Thiel (Forbes estimates Thiel’s wealth as $5 billion).

Crypto billionaire Michael Saylor, who DC’s attorney general asserts lives in town, wasn’t on our 2019 list. He appeared on Forbes‘ list in 2021, and its estimate of his net worth has dropped from $2.3 billion then to $1.6 billion now.

Here’s a rundown of their progress over the past three years, comparing Washingtonian‘s 2019 estimate of their net worths to Forbes’ 2022 estimate. Congratulations to all the billionaires.

Jeff Bezos

$140.3 billion (2019)

$171 billion (2022)

Jacqueline Mars

$25.7 billion (2019)

$31.7 billion (2022)

Laurene Powell Jobs

$21 billion (2019)

$16.4 billion (2022)

Steven Rales

$6.9 billion (2019)

$8.4 billion (2022)

Mitchell Rales

$5.1 billion (2019)

$5.8 billion (2022)

Ted Lerner

Washingtonian estimated Ted Lerner was worth $5.1 billion and Mark Lerner was worth $1.8 billion in 2019; Forbes estimates the Lerner family has a net worth of $4.5 billion. That number will likely go up if they sell the Washington Nationals.

Bernard Francis Saul II

$3.6 billion (2019)

$3.7 billion (2022)

William Conway Jr.

$3.3 billion (2019)

$3.8 billion (2022)

Daniel D’Aniello

$2.6 billion (2019)

$4.2 billion (2022)

Steve Case

$1.5 billion (2019)

$1.5 billion (2022)

Ted Leonsis

$1.2 billion (2019)

$1.6 billion (2022)

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