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Seats From RFK Stadium Are Now For Sale

Own a wooden or plastic piece of DC sports history forever.

Miss watching Ryan Zimmerman hit homers to the big green wall in RFK Stadium’s left field? Nostalgic about Doug Williams leading Washington to the Super Bowl at the 1988 NFC Championship game? Trying to relive your first concert at the HFStival?

Starting today, you can preserve a bit of RFK history —the stadium is set to be demolished sometime in 2023—in the form of one of its plastic or wooden seats.

Got $349? That’ll buy you a single orange plastic seat from the stadium’s lower bowl (that’s before taxes and processing fees). Single orange wooden seats start at $399. Double seats are available for $100 more than their single seat counterparts.

After you’ve turned your basement into a Washington sports fan cave, you can usher guests in via one of the turnstiles that have been in the stadium for six decades. Only $599!

If orange doesn’t fit your aesthetic, you can hold out for one of the burgundy and gold seats.

Seats and turnstiles are available for pick-up only at RFK Stadium December 16 through 18.

Events DC says a portion of the sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington and St. Coletta of Greater Washington. The sale kicks off the Farewell RFK Stadium project by Events DC, and you can follow along with demolition information and watch the live demolition webcam in the coming months.

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