Top Dentists Hall of Fame

These practitioners have been on our Top Dentists lists the most in recent years–earning them a spot in our first Dentists Hall of Fame

Photograph by Painted Wood/Stocksy

It’s not hard to find a dentist, but choosing a good one is usually the goal­—whether you’re getting a root canal or braces. For decades, we’ve tried to make the process of choosing one easier with our Top Dentists list.

Just as you’d probably ask your general dentist to recommend a specialist, we take the same approach. Each time we compile this list—now with the help of a firm called topDentists­—we poll thousands of area professionals listed by the American Dental Association, as well as those listed with local and national dental societies. We ask them whom they’d trust with their dental care, based on years of experience, continuing education, manner with patients, use of new techniques and technologies, and, of course, physical results. Those with the top scores from their peers make the roster.

This year, we’re honoring those who have appeared year after year on our Top Dentists list. The more than 300 general dentists and specialists named here have been on a Top Dentists list at least eight of the past 14 years, including the last three. (Some may have practiced elsewhere previously, but we’ve identified them with their current offices.) These dentists, in other words, are the best of the best in this region. Best of all: They’re all still practicing.

General Dentistry

Martin G. Abel

Rockville; 301-770-1447.

Ali R. Aghaee

Rockville; 301-417-6957.

Abbas K. Ahrabi

Oakton; 703-991-0029.

Rodney A. Alejandro

Burke; 703-912-9670.

Corey B. Anolik

Gaithersburg; 301-701-5861.

David T. Babington

Chantilly; 703-215-3421.

Alice Charland Bassford

Silver Spring; 301-593-5500.

Michael M. Blicher

DC; 202-466-4530.

Larry Bowers

DC; 202-544-0086.

Stephen R. Bradley

Vienna; 703-242-8416.

Sara T. Brendmoen

Lorton; 703-541-3110.

Sharon F. Brown

DC; 202-946-2100.

Cheryl F. Callahan

Rockville; 301-948-1212.

Emilio Canal Jr.

Reston; 703-318-8200.

Samuel D. Cappiello

McLean; 703-649-4075.

Daniel E. Cassidy Jr.

Alexandria; 703-370-2333.

Joseph A. Catanzano

DC; 202-315-2188.

Andrew C. Cobb

DC; 202-686-9100.

Peter K. Cocolis Jr.

Springfield; 703-912-3800.

Jason A. Cohen

Chevy Chase; 301-656-1201.

Paul D. Cohen

DC; 202-659-9100.

Sara C. Cohen

DC; 202-659-9100.

Charles H. Cooper

Rockville; 301-881-4430.

Shane R. Costa

Great Falls; 703-546-9613; also Ashburn.

Margaret M. Culotta-Norton

DC; 202-833-1111.

Joseph Cusumano

Arlington; 703-525-4071.

Quyen N. Dang

Fairfax; 703-226-2222; also Reston.

Faline K. Davenport

Gainesville; 703-884-2148.

Alan L. Dechter

Silver Spring; 301-508-9755.

Robert H. DeWitt

Vienna; 703-734-5707.

Kristen A. Donohue

Burke; 703-782-3857.

Charles A. Doring

Rockville; 301-850-4060.

Bita A. Ellis

Burke; 703-782-3857.

Emine Erkmen

Rockville; 301-610-7724.

David N. Eskow

Olney; 301-820-7727.

Fredrick F. Farahi

McLean; 703-821-1633.

Tirdad Fattahi

DC; 202-338-7499.

Raymund V. Favis

Fairfax; 703-267-6627.

Stephen J. Friedman

Silver Spring; 301-681-8200.

Mary-Stuart Gallian

Fairfax; 703-844-1242.

Philip A. Gentry

Arlington; 703-522-7733.

Eugene T. Giannini

DC; 202-244-4111.

Paul Gibberman

Alexandria; 703-823-6616.

Thomas E. Gluck

DC; 202-965-5400.

Larry Goldbaum

Rockville; 301-701-2913.

Leonard S. Gordon

Gaithersburg; 301-258-1998.

Michael H. Gorman

Centreville; 703-830-9110.

Brian J. Gray

DC; 202-244-4111.

Gary Greenspan

Fairfax; 703-596-0875.

Joseph P. Grieco Jr.

Fairfax; 703-385-9700.

Mark A. Grimes

Chantilly; 703-222-5400.

Lonny D. Grimmer

Ashburn; 703-723-1400.

Gary R. Griswold

Montgomery Village; 301-926-1900.

Robert G. Hall

Reston; 703-437-8811; also Ashburn.

Melanie W. Hartman

Burke; 703-978-5660.

Gary L. Hartz

Reston; 703-437-8811; also Ashburn.

Ronald S. Hauptman

Falls Church; 703-241-0666.

Nada Hemedan

Fairfax; 703-978-0000.

Edward R. Hindman

Alexandria; 703-765-6400.

Andrew B. Hinkle

McLean; 703-952-9770.

Bruce R. Hutchison

Centreville; 703-830-9110.

Margaret H. Irvin

DC; 202-244-6650.

Gary G. Kaihara

DC; 202-466-3333; also McLean.

Chad Kasperowski

Fairfax; 703-591-5637.

Victoria I. Kay

Manassas; 703-369-7173.

Sean P. Kelliher

Springfield; 703-451-5030.

Nabeel A. Khan

Burke; 703-440-5075.

John D. Kling II

Alexandria; 703-299-8444.

Jeffrey I. Klioze

Springfield; 703-323-8820.

Saba H. Lakhani

Bethesda; 301-652-5445.

Harold E. Landis Jr.

Silver Spring; 301-681-7061.

Paul J. LaRose

DC; 202-347-1220.

Isabelle M. Lass

DC; 202-659-9100.

Barry D. Laurent

Vienna; 703-893-1603.

Gregory L. LaVecchia

Arlington; 703-528-3336.

David Q. Le

Ashburn; 703-723-1400.

Steven A. LeBeau

McLean; 703-643-9684.

Paul M. Lee

Fairfax; 703-352-9600.

H. Thomas Lenz

Vienna; 703-938-6669; also DC.

Scott P. Lindemann

McLean; 703-356-5512.

Luz M. Lopez Driscoll

DC; 202-223-6053.

Melanie R. Love

Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

David W. Lucht

Centreville; 703-803-9223.

Stephen A. Mabry

Arlington; 703-527-3554.

Carlene D. Marcus

Reston; 703-435-3030.

Despina M. Markogiannakis

Chevy Chase; 301-652-0656.

John W. Martin III

DC; 202-966-1900.

Pamela P. Marzban

Burke; 703-940-1350.

Katherine A. McGrath

Fairfax; 703-978-6556.

Michael Messina

Reston; 703-318-8200.

Mark A. Miller

Falls Church; 703-241-2911.

Anthony M. Moawad

Reston; 703-318-8200.

Lawrence R. Muller

Lake Ridge; 703-497-9709.

Wendy M. Musolf

Chevy Chase; 301-986-4814.

Monica A. Neshat

Reston; 703-437-5555.

Jennifer T. Nguyen

Fairfax; 703-273-4505.

Maryam Norouzi

Gaithersburg; 301-990-0300.

Kendra E. Novick

Reston; 703-437-8811; also Ashburn.

Yutaka Okamoto

North Bethesda; 240-667-7705.

Maggie Olano

Gainesville; 703-753-8753.

Bradley J. Olson

Waldorf; 301-645-6611.

Hilary K. Pandak

Fairfax; 703-691-1511.

John L. Parker

Leesburg; 703-777-6453.

Clementina M. Perez-West

Rockville; 301-850-4060.

Dean J. Phass

Alexandria; 703-824-0055.

Michael S. Pollack

Silver Spring; 301-587-1610.

Michael R. Pollowitz

DC; 202-946-2100.

Catherine Dietrich Pulse

DC; 202-363-6177.

Farhan Qureshi

Alexandria; 703-931-4544.

Susana Raygada

Burke; 703-323-1400.

Peter Rinaldi

Chevy Chase; 301-684-8134.

James M. Ronis

McLean; 703-442-9199.

Ronald Rosenberg

Rockville; 301-701-2913.

D. Gordon Rye

Fairfax; 703-565-2503.

Jay H. Samuels

Rockville; 301-881-4200.

Evan R. Sapperstein

Falls Church; 703-534-1222.

Rodney D. Savoia

DC; 202-466-5515.

John A. Schehl

McLean; 703-532-2022.

David J. Schlactus

Rockville; 301-881-9040.

Adam T. Schneider

Gaithersburg; 240-654-3555.

Craig M. Scimeca

Fairfax; 703-401-4037.

Paul B. Silberman

Waldorf; 301-885-2505.

Jeffrey A. Sisel

Arlington; 703-931-5333.

Thomas D. Sokoly

DC; 202-235-2072.

Lana Soules

Herndon; 703-787-3585.

Christopher R. Spagna

Falls Church; 703-912-0339.

Charles R. Steel

Sandy Spring; 301-774-8555.

Linda D. Steel

Sandy Spring; 301-774-8555.

John G. Stephenson

Annandale; 703-256-4500.

Dennis J. Stiles

Gaithersburg; 301-947-6900.

Richard T. Stone

Alexandria; 703-548-5042.

Steven D. Strickland

Woodbridge; 703-494-6811.

David R. Stuver

Arlington; 703-525-4071.

Amear M. Tadros

Sterling; 703-430-2020.

Larry Terango

Manassas; 703-369-7173.

Robert B. Tilkin

Rockville; 301-850-4060.

Annah P. Tran

Fairfax; 703-273-4505.

Julie D. Tran

Alexandria; 703-836-2213.

Linh T. Tran

Annandale; 703-916-8571.

Mark Tromblay

Alexandria; 703-299-8444; also DC.

Thomas G. Vaccaro

Fairfax; 703-591-1007.

Rachael M. Valltos

Falls Church; 703-534-1222.

Maribel M. Vann

Fairfax; 703-204-1555.

Eric C. Vasey

Woodbridge; 703-670-5376.

Adam P. Vitelli

Germantown; 301-972-1400.

Duy Q. Vo

Arlington; 703-521-0900.

Jeffrey D. Wagman

Alexandria; 703-379-6187.

Yolonda L. Weaver

Fairfax; 703-273-1443.

Richard M. Whittington

Vienna; 703-938-8333.

Thomas P. Williams

DC; 202-296-3135.

Bryan D. Wood

Alexandria; 703-960-8670.

J. Douglas Wooddell

Annandale; 703-698-9698.

Forough P. Yazdani

Vienna; 703-938-0774.

Chang Yi

Fairfax; 703-382-6043.

Brenda J. Young

Fairfax; 703-560-6301.


Endodontists specialize in root canals.

Ali Behnia

Rockville; 301-340-9494.

Rashin T. Bidgoli

Sterling; 703-444-4229.

Wing F. Chan

Rockville; 301-963-6087.

Robert A. Cheron

Arlington; 703-528-8382.

Edward Chun

McLean; 703-847-0989.

Guido E. Costa

Clinton; 301-868-5500; also College Park and Waldorf.

John S. Ehreth

Warrenton; 540-351-0009.

Reza Farshey

Chevy Chase; 301-907-2931.

Joshua E. Fein

Fairfax; 703-539-0400.

Jason P. Fields

Gaithersburg; 301-519-9555.

Timothy J. Golian

Fairfax; 703-273-8798.

Scott K. Hetz

DC; 202-659-2552.

Tony H. Hsu

North Bethesda; 301-881-6882.

Sasan M. Jafari

Rockville; 301-984-3636.

Brian Lee

Chantilly; 703-378-3115; also Alexandria, Lansdowne.

Kim A. Menhinick

DC; 202-659-2552; also Chevy Chase, Rockville.

Fernando J. Meza

Alexandria; 703-370-1327; also Arlington.

Anastasia Mischenko

Chevy Chase; 301-654-6077.

Michael C. Mocknick

McLean; 703-734-0334.

Julian Moiseiwitsch

DC; 202-364-0234.

Angela P. Noguera

DC; 202-835-3636.

David Palmieri

Alexandria; 703-836-0006; also Arlington and Falls Church.

Jayesh S. Patel

Fairfax; 703-631-1136.

Sumesh Potluri

Silver Spring; 301-754-0500.

Michael J. Ribera

Chevy Chase; 301-654-1818; also DC.

Carolina Rodriguez-Rad

DC; 202-659-8568.

Yaser Roumani

Rockville; 301-231-0744; also Gaithersburg.

Glenn C. Schermer

Waldorf; 301-868-5500.

Fredric H. Simon

Rockville; 301-984-3800; also DC, Chevy Chase.

Ian K. Walker

Rockville; 301-231-0744; also Gaithersburg.

Todd E. Wynkoop

Lake Ridge; 703-494-8624.

Pirooz A. Zia

Chevy Chase; 301-907-2931.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

These dentists perform tooth extractions, implants, and other surgery of the mouth and jaw.

Jarred S. Abel

Chevy Chase; 301-656-9565.

Ralph W. Alman Jr.

Rockville; 301-881-8803.

Joseph M. Arzadon

Arlington; 703-379-2700.

Andrew E. Bluhm

Ashburn; 703-729-8700; also South Riding, Leesburg.

Christopher E. Bonacci

Vienna; 703-255-9400.

Edward B. Delgado

Tysons; 703-686-5216; also Alexandria.

Steve S. Dorsch

Ashburn; 703-729-8700; also Leesburg, South Riding.

William R. Dzyak

Boyds; 301-916-8680.

Robert W. Emery

DC; 202-386-7100.

Michael Timothy Gocke

McLean; 703-388-2805.

Leonard J. Goldman

Silver Spring; 301-622-2700.

Daria Hamrah

McLean; 703-288-4495.

H. Ryan Kazemi

Bethesda; 301-654-7070.

Michael D. Kuzmik

Tysons; 703-686-5216; also Alexandria.

Fred Liu

Fairfax; 703-592-8624; also Centreville.

Barry R. Maharaj

Lansdowne; 703-723-7858; also Chantilly.

Leonardo F. Menendez

Bowie; 301-262-4500.

Leonard A. Merlo

DC; 202-223-3391; also Rockville.

Amir Naimi

Alexandria; 571-998-0044; also Reston, Burke.

Jay S. Nokkeo

Gaithersburg; 301-926-4800.

George Obeid

DC; 202-877-7332.

Jonathan J. Park

Fairfax; 703-592-8624; also Reston.

Cyrus Ramsey

Burke; 703-636-2227; also Woodbridge.

Steven F. Robertson

Burke; 703-636-2227; also Reston.

Brian T. Robinson

Rockville; 301-241-6819.

Jeffrey R. Rothman

Alexandria; 703-370-3012.

Mitchell A. Stark

Rockville; 301-340-0101; also College Park.

Gene A. “Jay” Vandervort Jr.

Ashburn; 703-962-4669; also South Riding, Leesburg.

Craig E. Vigliante

Leesburg; 703-723-5366.

Richard M. Williams

DC; 202-364-9400; also Germantown.

Pedram Yaghmai

Burke; 703-337-3963; also Reston and Alexandria.

Hugh B. Zadeh

Annandale; 703-634-4195.


Orthodontists straighten teeth.

Curtis L. Abigail

Arlington; 571-388-3079; also Bethesda.

Rana Barakat

Sterling; 703-433-9330.

Gregory D. Bath

Vienna; 703-938-4614; also Great Falls.

Scott C. Berman

Falls Church; 703-241-9191; also Herndon.

Jill Bruno

Chevy Chase; 301-450-7746.

David M. Bugden

Silver Spring; 301-681-4241.

Zachary Casagrande

Ashburn; 703-327-1718; also Arlington, Reston, Purcellville, Gainesville.

William E. Crutchfield

Chantilly; 703-263-0575.

Lisa A. DeMarco

Silver Spring; 301-593-6363.

Garret Djeu

Fairfax; 703-691-8388.

Michael G. Dunegan

Gainesville; 703-753-4996.

D. Michael Ellis

Annandale; 703-750-9393; also Burke, Lorton.

Frederick S. Fritz

Rockville; 301-330-9550.

Allen S. Garai

Vienna; 703-281-4868; also Great Falls.

Eduardo J. Gerlein

Chevy Chase; 301-951-4114.

Ashkan Ghaffari

Vienna; 703-429-0531.

Ali Y. Ghatri

Fairfax; 703-382-5758; also Reston and Herndon.

Alfred C. Griffin

Warrenton; 540-347-1888; also Culpeper and Middleburg.

Linda A. Hallman

Chevy Chase; 301-654-7910.

Brad Hudson

Springfield; 703-451-4666.

David R. Hughes

Springfield; 703-431-0502.

Herbert M. Hughes

Alexandria; 703-360-8660.

Darin B. Iverson

Arlington; 703-536-7846.

Mary A. Karau

Alexandria; 703-765-5505.

Rodney J. Klima

Burke; 703-425-5125.

Donald F. Larson

Alexandria; 703-838-8998.

Edwin Lee

Rockville; 240-252-5293; also Olney.

Christopher G. Liang

Potomac; 301-983-3132; also DC.

Meghan J. Lindgren

Burke; 703-750-9393.

Robert B. Marzban

McLean; 703-844-4341; also Alexandria.

Deirdre J. Maull

McLean; 703-556-9400.

Jina Naghdi

Herndon; 703-471-8333.

Denise T. Nguyen

Manassas; 571-535-2365; also Woodbridge.

Andrew L. Schwartz

DC; 202-525-6952; also Rockville.

John C. Shefferman

DC; 202-338-7128.

Hani Thariani

Arlington; 703-962-4527; also Herndon.

Nancy C. Tilkin

Silver Spring; 301-593-6363.

Stephan Tisseront

Reston; 571-487-7818.

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentists treat children and teens.

Felix J. Aguto

Waldorf; 301-206-1993; also Prince Frederick.

Angela L. Austin

Alexandria; 571-356-9843.

Girish Banaji

Falls Church; 703-849-1300.

Liliana Cuervo

Montgomery Village; 301-869-5437.

Jeffrey P. Davis

McLean; 703-848-8444.

Jayne E. Delaney

Alexandria; 703-370-5437.

Sarah Ganjavi

Vienna; 703-938-6600.

Heidi A. Herbst

Sterling; 571-446-0355.

Avionne Hill

DC; 202-873-9696.

Andrew I. Horng

Rockville; 301-881-0220.

Neda Kalantar

Reston; 703-435-1500.

Gary R. Kramer

Burke; 571-933-8076.

Alan K. Kuwabara

DC; 202-244-6111.

Naveen Kwatra

Gaithersburg; 240-981-4020.

Niloofar Mofakhami

Oakton; 703-255-3424.

Ricardo A. Perez

Chevy Chase; 301-718-1012.

Roya Pilcher

DC; 202-237-2833.

Christine M. Reardon

Arlington; 703-579-0367.

Ruksana Talaksi

Centreville; 703-266-9090.

Cris A. Ternisky

McLean; 703-356-1875.

David M. Treff

Burke; 703-712-8077.

Jack Weil

Vienna; 703-255-2573.


Periodontists specialize in gum work and dental implants.

Armin Abron

DC; 202-659-3500.

Gerard Boquel

Gaithersburg; 301-869-8884; also DC.

William K. Brayer

Rockville; 301-869-5595.

Lillian C. Carpio

McLean; 703-288-3570.

Lourdes A. Christopher

Falls Church; 703-237-3700.

Sally J. Cram

DC; 202-785-3021.

Vivek A. Doppalapudi

Herndon; 703-464-0900.

Roy Eskow

Bethesda; 301-450-8577.

Mehrdad Favagehi

Falls Church; 703-237-3700.

Brian A. Feeney

McLean; 703-821-4040.

Charles R. Fields

Reston; 703-689-4442.

A. Garrett Gouldin

Falls Church; 703-534-1766; also Alexandria.

Christine Karapetian

Burke; 703-576-5002.

Steven M. Kaufman

DC; 202-223-2211.

Jean-Claude Kharmouche

Leesburg; 571-458-1320; also Sterling.

Rustin M. Levy

DC; 202-524-4863.

Douglas H. Mahn

Manassas; 703-392-8844.

Madjid Matin

Chevy Chase; 301-656-6424.

Eugene Oh

Vienna; 703-539-9166; also Centreville.

Alfonso Patron

Arlington; 703-465-5080.

Israel Puterman

Chevy Chase; 301-652-0939.

David H. Schneider

Chevy Chase; 301-652-9295.

Karl A. Smith

Alexandria; 703-894-4867; also Waldorf.

J. Alexander Withers

Fairfax; 703-775-1319.

C. Alec Yen

Bethesda; 301-656-0331; also Clinton, Olney.

Justin D. Zalewsky

DC; 202-759-8122; also Reston, Alexandria.

Edward A. Zupnik

Bethesda; 301-656-0331; also Olney.


Prosthodontists specialize in implants, crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Howard F. Benson

DC; 202-785-3030.

Brendan J. Bernhart

Fairfax; 703-645-8001.

Hugo A. Bonilla

Annandale; 703-560-2672.

Kambiz Fotoohi

Chevy Chase; 301-652-5666.

D. Gregory Har

Manassas; 703-392-8528.

Donald W. Kreuzer

DC; 202-965-5400.

Brian A. Mahler

Fairfax; 703-273-7846.

Gerald M. Marlin

DC; 202-244-2101.

Luis J. Martinez

Reston; 703-437-8811; also Ashburn.

Mariano A. Polack

Gainesville; 703-753-8753.

Vincent J. Prestipino

Bethesda; 301-652-2300.

Keith Progebin

DC; 202-296-8126.

Flavio H. Rasetto

Chevy Chase; 301-652-9717.

Richard L. Roen

DC; 202-833-8240.

Robert J. Sanker

Rockville; 301-463-4232.

Neil L. Starr

DC; 202-293-7177.

Daniel Y. Sullivan Jr.

Vienna; 703-938-6669; also DC.

Benjamin O. Watkins III

DC; 202-466-3333; also McLean.

Damare Baker
Research Editor

Before becoming Research Editor, Damare Baker was an Editorial Fellow and Assistant Editor for Washingtonian. She has previously written for Voice of America and The Hill. She is a graduate of Georgetown University, where she studied international relations, Korean, and journalism.