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The DMV Is About to Get Really Hot. Here’s How to Get Help Staying Cool.

Temperatures are rising into the 90s. Public cooling centers and other facilities are available.

Photograph of Capitol Lawn by Lauren Bulbin .

Great news for people who enjoy sweat: the relatively nice weather of the last few days is about to be so over. According to the National Weather Service, Wednesday’s high temperature of 83 degrees will likely be our lowest for a while, as highs rise to the upper 80s and 90s on Thursday and Friday, and again on Monday and Tuesday.

The early-summer swelter will have the greatest impact on people sensitive to heat, especially children and seniors, as well as anyone without enough cooling or hydration.

“Our ask for residents is a couple things: number one, familiarizing themselves with the list of cooling centers, but number two, just kind of being a good neighbor and keeping an eye on one another,” a spokesperson for the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA) told Washingtonian.

HSEMA has a map of free cooling centers in DC and transportation available to get there for anyone in need. In Alexandria and Arlington, recreation centers and libraries are open to residents in search of some AC. Prince George’s County residents can access a map of cooling centers, libraries, and senior centers. In Montgomery County, there are no official cooling centers yet, but libraries, and aquatic, recreation and senior centers are open during normal business hours. And there are free pools and splash parks all over the region.

Helen Huiskes
Editorial Fellow