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Metro Rides Are Free After 5 PM on the Fourth of July

Metro is offering expanded service, free parking, and free evening rides on Independence Day.

Tomorrow, ride Metro for free in the evening to get you to and fro your 4th of July plans. Photograph by Evy Mages .

No matter where your Fourth of July plans take you, you can ride Metro rail and bus all around the area with more frequent service and free fares in the evening.

Metro will be free from 5 PM until the system closes at midnight. You can also park for free at Metro-owned garages and lots all day. Throughout the afternoon, Metro will be running rush hour service to accommodate crowds.

Some rail stations near the National Mall may be operating entry- or exit-only to get people through the system faster during and after the fireworks. WMATA says it’s advising passengers to use stations other than Smithsonian to get on and off the Metro, and to avoid transferring trains if possible. Some trains may not stop at Smithsonian if the station becomes too crowded to allow for safe stops.

Metrobuses will operate on a Sunday schedule and might be subject to detours or delays as the roads will be crowded with traffic and parts of the city, especially around the Mall, will be closed.

Helen Huiskes
Editorial Fellow