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Entelechy is a flat fee-only financial life planning & investment management company. Our mission is to help people use money as a tool to realize life goals and reach their full potential.

No sales. No minimums. No hidden fees. No nonsense.

We believe in the power of financial planning as a process that continuously adjusts to the life events of our clients, and that our best work is accomplished for clients on an ongoing basis when they simultaneously engage us to fulfill their investment and tax strategies.

Financial Life Management

We call this integration of financial planning, investment management, and tax planning & preparation Financial Life Management, and charge one flat annual fee for this service that isn’t arbitrarily tied to the value of your investment portfolio or net worth. Unlike other advisors, we aren’t compensated by the sale of financial products, by charging 1-2% of assets under our management, or by a complexity calculation that attempts to justify higher fees based on your income or net worth. Our fees are based simply on the value of the comprehensive services we provide to clients who want to fully optimize their financial lives.

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