Lindsay Shetterly, CIMA

8000 Towers Crescent Dr Suite 1450
Vienna, Virginia 22182-6200
11810 Grand Park Ave 11810 Grand Park Ave #500
Rockville, Maryland 20852-8677

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Lindsay Shetterly is a passionate advocate for clients and this quality transcends every aspect of her role as a Principal and a Client Advisor for Glassman Wealth Services. She advises high-net worth families and foundations, constantly fine-tuning their investment and financial plans to take advantage of ever-changing opportunities. This relentless commitment to her clients is evident in the lasting, personal relationships she develops with them.

While she enjoys all aspects of financial planning, two areas stand out for her: estate planning and multi-generational wealth education. She works closely with two and three generations of families preparing each for what to expect as wealth is transferred from one generation to the next. She educates younger family members, typically in their late teens to early 30s, about money and wealth so that by the time they inherit, they will be prepared for the responsibilities that come with it.