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David Rust Clarke


4020 University Drive
VA, VA 22030
United States

David Rust Clarke

Blankingship & Keith, P.C.

David Rust Clarke enjoys a reputation as an experienced and highly principled divorce lawyer. He has over 35 years experience in the area of family law. His practice includes representing clients in routine matters as well as divorce cases involving complex marital estates, custody and support. His clients over the years have included owners of closely held businesses, CEO’s and other professionals.

Shunning the bombastic and confrontational style of some practitioners, David is best known for bringing a steadying influence to what is very often a highly charged emotional environment. Fully appreciative of the costs and uncertainties of litigation, David believes that before resorting to the courts his clients are well served by first attempting to reach an accord. However, when settlement is not attainable, clients may rely on David’s skills as an experienced litigator and his familiarity with state court divorce proceedings.