Joseph O'Brien
10215 Fernwood Rd
Bethesda, MD 20817
1635 N George Mason Dr
Arlington, VA 22205

Industry Leader in

Spine Surgery

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At the Washington Spine & Scoliosis Institute of OrthoBethesda, Drs. Ira Fisch, Joseph O’Brien and Eric Feuchtbaum specialize in treating spinal conditions, allowing people to once again live

and move with less pain. Together, the spine specialists have been restoring function and improving quality of life for over 50 years.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, they emphasize conservative treatments, such as spinal rehabilitation and injections, before considering surgery. “My obligation is to treat people non-surgically and then use surgery only when necessary,” says Dr. Fisch. Above all, the doctors highlight the importance of putting patients first, by listening to their concerns and collaborating with them on a treatment plan. “When recommending surgery to a person, it’s important to consider what you would want if the roles were reversed,” says Dr. O’Brien. Their high rate of successful outcomes reflects a commitment to delivering individualized treatments that work. The best reward for a surgeon is seeing your patient with an improved quality of life after surgery — that’s why we went into this field,” says Dr. Feuchtbaum. “We really can make a tremendous impact on each patient’s life.

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