Maral Kibarian Skelsey
5530 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 820
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Industry Leader in

Mohs Surgery

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An unexpected outcome of the pandemic is that the incidence of advanced skin cancer has significantly increased, as patients have delayed being seen by their dermatologist. Once diagnosed, Mohs surgery is the most effective way to treat skin cancer, with a cure rate of 99%. Dr. Maral K. Skelsey is one of the nation’s leading Mohs micrographic surgeons and is fellowship-trained in cancer surgery, pathology and reconstruction.

Her practice, The Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington, is a regional referral center for early detection and treatment and employs the most advanced skin health technology. The practice continues to use rigorous Covid-screening and prevention strategies to ensure the safety of patients and staff.

As the Face of Mohs Surgery in Washington, DC, Dr. Skelsey is known not just for her surgical expertise, but for her concern for her patients’ holistic wellness.

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