Niteesh Bharara
11800 Sunrise Valley Dr
Reston, Virginia 20191-5300

Industry Leader in

Regenerative Medicine

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Athletes and active individuals travel the world to seek treatment solutions from Dr. Niteesh Bharara. As the Face of Regenerative Medicine for six consecutive years, Dr. Bharara redefines outpatient surgical alternatives with his expertise in stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and micro-fragmented fat therapy. As a sports medicine specialist, he is recognized as a ‘Top Doctor’ and ‘America’s Most Honored Doctor’ – in the top 1% of the field.

If you have a sports injury that has sidelined you and you’re searching for a long-term solution without surgery, look no further than regenerative medicine. This proven outpatient treatment triggers the body’s natural healing process to rebuild damaged tissue, heal injuries more effectively, and eliminate pain. Dr. Bharara promotes the practice of effective and safe treatment options in a comfortable outpatient setting with minimal downtime. He has helped patients avoid spine surgery, knee or hip replacement, and surgical shoulder and ankle procedures — as well as all of the risks and longer recovery timelines that come with those invasive options. Take the first step in finding a solution for your pain by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Bharara.

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