Dominion Christian School

Dominion offers a proven classical approach using primary sources and a chronological study of the humanities.

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11411 Isaac Newton Squure S.
Reston, VA 20190

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Serving Northern Virginia for more than 20 years, Dominion provides a comprehensive K-12 classical Christian college-preparatory program. From mummifying chickens in second grade to a Barbarian (student) invasion in fifth grade, to participation in Harkness-style roundtable conversations about Plato, Homer, Augustine, Herodotus, and the founding documents of the United States in the middle and upper school years, Dominion is a place that makes learning rich, engaging, and memorable. Classical education’s holistic approach emphasizes formation, Great Books in the Western tradition, and teaching through the Trivium (a developmentally-tailored approach to learning). In addition to rich academics, Dominion provides a strong student culture and a variety of competitive athletic and non-athletic programs. The school is characterized by an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and engagement, academic rigor, the shaping of students’ affections towards the things of Christ, warmth and intimacy, and discipline and strength of culture. Our students routinely score significantly higher on standardized tests than even the best college preparatory schools in the country; our students average more than 150 points higher than the independent school average SAT score and more than 300 points higher than the Fairfax County SAT average.