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Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Upper NW

Why do you love what you do?

Ha. It’s never boring, and you truly have to love it to endure the hours! I am constantly engaged by the ever-evolving responsibilities and aspects of every single transaction. Every day brings something new. Each client’s situation is unique, so tailored advice based on specific needs and circumstances allows me to forge incredible and lasting relationships with my clients. It sounds cliché, but I am the trusted advisor to my clients. That is an honor. Listening to the concerns of my clients, I am able to offer strategy and guidance through every step of what is likely one of the biggest transactions of their lives. These connections fill me up.

What advice would you give to someone looking to navigate the market today or in the near future? When the market accelerated this winter, in the face of interest rates that had doubled, we were all surprised. We shouldn’t have been. The story of this market continues to be a lack of quality inventory. It’s still a great time to sell.

For buyers: If prices have have risen in this rate environment, imagine where prices will go when rates come down. Buy now, refinance later. The structural factors creating the inventory problem aren’t going to change in the near future.

Because you work in real estate, do you have any strategies for winning Monopoly? Buy real estate and have fun! Oh, and always be the Scottie dog, especially if you have kids. (This saves them from fighting over it… because we all know it is the best piece!)