100 Very Best Restaurants 2015: No. 100 Bourbon Steak Lounge

A barrel-aged whiskey cocktail at Bourbon Steak Lounge. Photograph by Daniel Swartz, courtesy Bourbon Steak Lounge.

Michael Mina’s big-ticket dining room in the Four Seasons Hotel has had a place on this list for the last six years. But of late, we’ve had too many overcooked $59 steaks and lackluster appetizers to recommend it. What we can still get behind: the cocktails and snacks in the less buttoned-down lounge.

You’ll have to wade through a passel of socialites to get to the bar, but the rewards are many, thanks to Duane Sylvestre, who is as sure-handed with vintage fizzes as he is with creations like the Chameleon, a coupe holding gin, chamomile honey, and egg whites. On the haute junk-food menu, there are addictive skinny fries and some of DC’s best burgers. If there’s a crossover hit from the dining room roster (which you can still order from), it’s the crab hushpuppies with jalapeño.

Don’t miss:

  • Prime-beef and lamb burgers
  • Tuna tartare
  • Gin and tonic

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