Daily Deals Roundup

Have some Scottish whiskey with dinner, dress up your devices, or make your lunch box eco-friendly

Every day we’ll find the best deals from around the area and gather them here. Check back Monday morning for more discounts on products, food, and fun. Happy Friday!

Washingtonian Daily Deals
40 percent off an Eades whiskey tasting at New Heights Restaurant
New Heights is hosting an Eades double-malt whiskey tasting with the Virginia Distillery Company. The deal includes a three-course meal with spiced duck breast as the entrée. The tasting is Friday, October 1. Only 30 spots available.

$15 for $30 worth of customized skins for mobile devices from GelaSkins
GelaSkins.com lets you coat all your gadgets—from iPods to devices to Zunes—in eye-catching skins.

Discounted home-cleaning services from Your Pampered Home
Your Pampered Home will tidy up a one-bedroom (up to 1,500 square feet) for $65 (regularly $170), a two-bedroom (up to 2,500 square feet) for $80 (regularly $200), or a three-bedroom (up to 3,500 square feet) for $100 (regularly $220). While you’re at it, take advantage of its wash-and-fold laundry service for $50 (regularly $100).

13 issues of Forbes for $10
If you’ve ever considered subscribing to Forbes, now’s a great time. This steal is 87 percent off the regular rate and available only to new subscribers.

Tippr's deals from earlier this week for 50 percent off Flex Flops and tickets to see comedian Steve Hofstetter are still on.

Plum District
$15 for $30 worth of eco-friendly bags from Pouch Pals for snacks on the go
A family of four uses about 3,120 disposable plastic bags to pack school and work lunches ever year. Pouch Pals—cotton reusable, water-resistant, nylon-lined alternatives—can cut down on that number.

$10 for $30 worth of kids’ activewear from Agoo Apparel
Agoo Apparel sells durable children’s clothing; many items are grass-stain resistant, offer sun protection, and can withstand the elements.

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