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The Best Indoor-Tennis
In a match between the area’s two largest indoor tennis centers, who wins?
Comments () | Published December 1, 2006
Both the Fairfax Racquet Club (9860 Lee Hwy.; 703-273-9276; and the Tennis Center of College Park (5200 Paint Branch Pkwy.; 301-779-8000; have a dozen heated indoor courts. College Park also has 15 outdoor courts. Fairfax has no outdoor courts but has five for racquetball. In this contest, it comes down to size: College Park volleys with a 106,160-square-foot facility; Fairfax returns and scores to win with 130,000.

Both are private clubs requiring that you be a member or guest. Fairfax full adult membership is $125 initiation and $45 a month; tennis and racquetball only, $125 a year (no monthly dues) plus court fees of $9 to $36 an hour. College Park, $75 initiation and $75 a month plus hourly court fees of $18 to $23. Guest fee is $7 at Fairfax, $10 at College Park. Each club offers lesson and league programs.


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