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Cheap Eats 2012: 10 Meals Under $10

Want to spend only ten bucks on dinner? Here are our favorite ways to fill up on the really cheap.

Our favorite 10 ways to fill up under $10. Photograph courtesy of iStock Photo.

1. Ten hot Buffalo wings $9.49 at Metro City Wing House
4404 Saint Barnabas Rd., Temple Hills; 301-423-0088.

2. Half char-grilled Peruvian-style chicken $8.59 at Super Chicken
422 S. Washington St., Falls Church; 703-538-5550.

3. Pressed Cuban sandwich $8.50 at Fast Gourmet
1400 W St., NW; 202-448-9217.

4. Flank-steak-and-rice-noodle bowl $8.25 at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen
1516 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-232-4141.

5. Posole, the Mexican pork-and-hominy stew $7.70 available weekends at Taqueria Distrito Federal
3463 14th St., NW; 805 Kennedy St., NW; 202-276-7331 for both.

6. Grilled Bosnian burger with sour cream and onions $6.95 at the Balkan Grill
5902 N. Kings Hwy., Alexandria; 703-329-3303.

7. Falafel on pita $6.50 at Max’s Kosher Cafe
2319 University Blvd. W., Wheaton; 301-949-6297.

8. Philly-cheesesteak pasty—an offbeat version of the British hand pie, often a special $5.99 at the Pure Pasty Co.
128-C Church St., NW, Vienna; 703-255-7147.

9. Pan bagnat, a baguette laden with tuna, olives, and egg $5.75 at Saint Michel Bakery
5540 Wilkins Ct., Rockville; 301-770-5090.

10. Vietnamese sub with grilled pork $3.70 at Bánh Mì DC Sandwich
3103 Graham Rd., Falls Church; 703-205-9300.

  • Buffalo Wings and Beer (three locations in Montgomery County) has the best wings around and will only cost you $7 for a pound of wings!

  • Crayonlurve

    Wow. One vegetarian friendly meal? This article doesn't even attempt to strike a balance.

  • Misty610

    Exactly what I was going to post!

  • Otter van Nostran

    Approximately 3% of United States citizens are vegetarians. 1 in 10 (10%) of the above meals are vegetarian friendly. You're right... this article has an unfair bias in favor of vegetarians.

  • Misty610

    In U.S., 5% Consider Themselves Vegetarians - Gallup.Com

    Number of Americans who follow a “vegetarian-inclined diet.” 22.8 Million. Number of Americans who are vegan, 1 Million.

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