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Dirt Cheap Eats 2009: Bulgogi Cart
Comments () | Published December 16, 2009

Bulgogi Cart (14th and L sts., NW; 703-209-5415). If there are too many downtown-DC lunch decisions to make, this yellow cart is for you. Here there are just two decisions: spicy or mild, chicken or beef—the makings of bul goki, or Korean barbecue. An order ($7) includes thinly sliced beef or hunks of chicken over white rice along with a salty version of kimchee—the fermented-cabbage salad that’s a staple of Korean meals. Any permutation of heat and meat is available, and they’re all good, though we’re partial to the spicy beef—hot enough to feel but not an uncomfortable singe. A version with a fried egg on it is called bibim bap.

Open Monday through Friday 10 to 2.

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