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Favorite Things: Roasted Edamame
A healthy snack that packs some heat. By Erin Zimmer
Comments () | Published December 1, 2006

Wasabi peas are a snack hit, but their soybean cousins don’t get much attention. Packed with isoflavones and heart-disease-fighting proteins, the “wonder veggie” may sound bland. But Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame have the same addictive quality as salty sun­flower seeds or shelled peanuts. They’re spiked with just enough Japanese horseradish to make your mouth tingle and just enough crunch to keep your mind off less-virtuous eating. Which makes them good for kids’ lunches and for eating while taking in a movie or ballgame.

Available at most natural-food stores, including Magruder’s, My Organic Market, and Yes Organic Market.


Food & Drink
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