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Love your Pet: Washingtonian’s Pet Poll
Where does your pet sleep at night? We asked pet owners who visited our Web site,, that question and others. More than 2,500 Washingtonians took part in our online poll. By Julie Lawson
Comments () | Published February 1, 2006

This article is from 2006's Pet Guide package. The information may be out-of-date, so please call locations listed for new information.

To see the new Pet Guide from 2008, click here.

The number-one answer to where their pets sleep: "My bed" at 43 percent. "Its own bed in my bedroom" came in second at 26 percent.

Here's what else pet owners said: 

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

Yes: 58 percent

No: 42 percent 

Of those who celebrate pet birthdays:

56 percent give their pet a cake or treat

15 percent give their pet a gift

8 percent make a special meal 

Does your pet watch TV?

Yes: 39 percent

No: 61 percent

Among pets who seem to watch TV, nearly a third prefer shows on Animal Planet. The ten most popular viewing choices:

1. Animal Planet

2. Sports, especially football

3. Westminster & other dog shows

4. Nature shows

5. Cartoons

6. Action shows/movies

7. Law & Order

8. Fox News

9. CNN

10. CSI


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