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Spaces: February 2008

A young woman with an eye for color creates an apartment that’s bright and fun.

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Many twentysomethings decorate with hand-me-down furniture and Craigslist bargains. Jennifer Dusenberry’s one-bedroom apartment in DC’s Cleveland Park is more creative.

The colors—mostly reds and oranges—are bold and warm. She’s mixed the circular motifs and clean lines of midcentury modern design with older, more detailed pieces. In her living room, a simple round table lamp sits next to an antique Chinese rice scoop.

“I’ve always been of the mindset that if you buy what you like, the look will create itself,” says Dusenberry, 28, who works in public relations and branding.

As an undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin, Dusenberry worked in a home-furnishings shop and spent her free time scouring vintage shops. She travels often and looks for unique pieces on trips.

She collects vintage jewelry, Moroccan tea glasses, handblown Belgian glass bowls. She groups each collection to create striking displays. The cubbyholes of an old soda crate house her collection of Russian and Czech dolls. Even her bookcase, arranged by color, looks more like artwork than shelving.

Dusenberry’s favorite find is an orange wall hanging above her bed from the Knoll store in downtown DC. The thick paper serves as an inexpensive floor-to-ceiling headboard and opens up the small space.

She loves its lively color and simple design. “I hate neutrals,” says Dusenberry. “It’s important that my home be bright and welcoming.”

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