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2008 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed Private Schools
Comments () | Published November 1, 2008

Work & Education > Schools & Kids > Guide to Private Schools

Academy for Ideal Education, elementary/middle school campus, 1501 Gallatin St., NW 20011; 202-726-0313; K-8th grade; $7,500; 60 students.

Academy for Ideal Education, high school campus, 2600 12th St., NE 20018; 202-399-0707; $7,500; 9th-12th grade; $7,500; 60 students.

Aidan Montessori School, 2700 27th St., NW 20008; 202-387-2700; ages 1½–12; $13,500-19,000; 180 students;

Amazing Life Games Preschool, 4300 16th St., NW 20011; 202-265-0114; ages 2½–5; $329-$1,481 a month; 40 students (only 30 in the school at any given time; different children come on different days);

What’s new: A gardening class.

Recent accomplishment: A fence has been placed around the outdoor area so that children can learn about planting and raising a garden while also using the woods for creative play.

Archbishop Carroll High School, 4300 Harewood Rd., NE 20017; 202-529-0900; 9th–12th grades; $9260; 670 students;

What’s new: Digital design classes now use laptops and the school introduced a robotics class.

Recent accomplishment: The school is in the preliminary phase for an IB program.

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, 3500 Woodley Rd., NW 20016; 202-537-6493; pre-K–3rd grade; $25,970; 386 students;

Blessed Sacrament School, 5841 Chevy Chase Pkwy., NW 20015; 202-966-6682; K–8th grades; $7,450 (parishioners), $11,200 (nonparishioners); 500 students;

What’s new: An after-school program, Tiny Chefs, that teaches children to cook.

British School of Washington, 2001 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20007; 202-829-3700; ages 3–18; $10,440 (morning nursery school), $18,975–$22,475; 370 students;

What’s new: Drama classes at the IGCSE level (International General Certificate of Secondary Education).

Recent accomplishment: Last year a student became the first-ever four-time state representative for the National Geographic Geography Bee. Also, the school moved into a new building.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Nottingham Trent University and the University of Maryland.

Capitol Hill Day School, 210 South Carolina Ave., SE 20003; 202-547-2244; pre-K–8th grades; $19,660 (partial-day pre-K, K), $22,220 (full-day pre-K–5th grade), $23,350 (6th–8th grades); 225 students;

What’s new: A jazz ensemble and an after-school program in which kids do various activities including tae kwon do, art, Chinese for pre-K, yoga for children, instrument lessons, and chess club. The program is open to students as well as the public. The school also added a program that provides children with an average of one field trip per week tied to what they’re studying.

Children’s House of Washington (a Montessori School), 3133 Dumbarton St., NW 20007; 202-342-2551; ages 2 3/4 to 6; $7,500-$8,500; 27 students;

Dupont Park Adventist School, 3942 Alabama Ave., SE 20020; 202-583-8500; pre-K–10th grade; $5,100-$5,700; 300 students;

What’s new: Spanish classes.

Edmund Burke School, 4101 Connecticut Ave., NW 20008; 202-362-8882; 6th–12th grades; $28,110 including books; 315 students;

Recent accomplishments: Last spring, the school held its first high school film festival, which was open to the public. Also, three Burke students were accepted into the 2008 Folger Shakespeare Program.

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: New York University, George Washington University, Wesleyan University, and Hampshire College.

Emerson Preparatory School, 1324 18th St., NW 20036; 202-785-2877; 9th–12th grades; $10,000 a semester; 60 students;

What’s new: Several courses, including “Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism,” “Media Semiotics,” and “Cognition.”

Colleges where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: University of Maryland and George Washington University.

Field School, 2301 Foxhall Rd., NW 20007; 202-295-5800; 7th–12th grades; $30,150; 320 students;

What’s new: Senior electives in philosophy, law, art history, and creative writing. The music program has also expanded to include a class called “Studio Band and Audio Engineering.”

College where the greatest number of 2008 graduates enrolled: Pitzer College.

Georgetown Day School, lower/middle-school campus, 4530 MacArthur Blvd., NW 20007; 202-295-6200; pre-K–8th grade; $25,685-$28,550; 575 students;

Georgetown Day School, high school campus, 4200 Davenport St., NW 20016; 202-274-3200; 9th–12th grades; $29,395; 465 students;

Georgetown Montessori School, 1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW 20007; 202-337-8058; ages 2–6; $6,600-$10,800; 50 students;

Holy Trinity School, 1325 36th St., NW 20007; 202-337-2339; nursery–8th grade; $12,305 (parishioners nursery–K), $14,835 (nonparishioners nursery–K), $9,680 (parishioners 1st–8th), $13,095 (nonparishioners 1st–8th); 330 students;

Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation’s Capital, 6045 16th St., NW 20011; 202-291-5737; pre-K–6th grade;  $17,515; 244 students;

KinderHaus of Chevy Chase, 5307 Connecticut Ave., NW 20015; 202-244-0719; ages 2 months–5 years; $1,040-$1,560 a month; 25 students;

KinderHaus of Cleveland Park, 3400 Lowell St., NW 20016; 202-686-3570; ages 2 months–5 years; $1,040-$1,560 a month; 48 students;

What’s new: An all-day pre-K program with no more than eight children in the classroom.

Little Flower Montessori School, 3029 16th St., NW 20009; 202-667-6803; ages 2-6; $1200-$1400 month; 20 students;

What’s new: New classes include creative movement, yoga, and art.

Lowell School, 1640 Kalmia Rd., NW 20012; 202-577-2000; pre-K–6th grade; $14,990-$25,120; 312 students;

What’s new: A junior kindergarten program for children who do not meet kindergarten age cutoff but have had pre-nursery experience.

Maret School, 3000 Cathedral Ave., NW 20008; 202-939-8800; K–12th grade; $24,695-$28,430; 600 students;

Montessori School of Chevy Chase, 5312 Connecticut Ave., NW 20015; 202-362-6212; ages 2–6; $10,450-$14,950; 67 students;

Montessori School of Washington, 4380 MacArthur Blvd., NW 20007; 202-338-1557; ages 2-6; $8,000-$11,000; 35 students;

Nannie Helen Burroughs School, 601 50th St., NE 20019; 202-398-5266; nursery (2 ½)–6th grade; $4,940 to $5,225; 135 students;


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