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Recommended Couples Therapists: Want to Talk About It?
These couples therapists—psychologists, clinical social workers, counselors, and marriage and family therapists—were recommended by peers and by top divorce attorneys, who often refer clients for therapy.
Comments () | Published December 14, 2012

Ira Abrams, Psychologist. Rockville; 301-523-0477;

Rudolph Bauer, Psychologist. Dupont Circle; 202-667-6425;

Debbie Beach, Clinical social worker. Falls Church; 202-415-6242.

Rosalyn Beroza, Clinical social worker. Silver Spring; 301-588-4442;

Frederick Brewster, Clinical social worker. Silver Spring; 301-565-2002.

Emily M. Brown, Clinical social worker. Arlington; 703-528-3900;

Douglas L. Cohen, Psychologist. Georgetown; 202-298-8585;

Gordon Cohen, Psychologist. Northwest DC; 202-328-2035;

Robin Cohen, Clinical social worker, emotionally focused couples therapist. Herndon; 703-625-4836.

Toni Cortellessa, Clinical social worker. Rockville; 301-299-6470.

Deborah Curry, Psychologist. Chevy Chase; 202-281-0836;

Adele D'Ari, Psychologist. Falls Church; 703-533-8597;

Nancy Baker Delston, Clinical social worker. Downtown DC; 202-347-6522.

Mary Donahue, Psychologist. Rockville; 301-231-5688.

Edward D. Farber, Psychologist. Reston; 703-437-3236;

Peter M. Gibson, Psychologist. Dupont Circle, 202-775-1556; Falls Church, 703-827-0353;

Linda Perlman Gordon, Clinical social worker. Chevy Chase; 301-915-0400;

Cathleen Gray, Clinical social worker. Northwest DC; 202-537-5922.

John J. Gualtieri, Psychologist. McLean; 703-790-8111.

Gail Guttman, clinical social worker. Rockville; 301-984-0322;

Laurie Harmon, Psychologist. Rockville; 301-231-5688.

Carol Hawker, Licensed professional counselor. Fairfax and Warrenton; 703-385-7600 ext. 2;

Lisa Herrick, Psychologist. Falls Church and Dupont Circle; 703-847-5793;

Paulette Hurwitz, Clinical social worker. Chevy Chase; 301-657-8025.

Nicholas Kirsch, Psychologist. Bethesda and Northwest DC; 301-907-8934;

Carol Kutzer, Clinical social worker. North Bethesda; 301-816-0978;

Jill Ladd, Psychologist. North Photomac; 301-309-8824;

Christopher Lane, Psychologist. Vienna; 703-556-4140.

Judy Lansing, Clinical social worker. Foggy Bottom; 202-333-8034.

Andrea Leiman, Psychologist. Bethesda; 301-469-7793;

Jacob I. Melamed, Psychologist. Bethesda; 301-656-5360.

Patricia Meyer, Clinical social worker. Herndon; 703-715-2202;

Carol J. Miller, Psychologist. Falls Church, Bethesda, and Dupont Circle; 703-556-8482;

Debra M. Nackman, Psychologist. Falls Church; 703-645-8700;

Donald Palmer, Psychologist. Olney; 301-774-7994.

Phyllis Miller Palombi, Licensed professional counselor, Marriage and family therapist. Reston; 703-435-7686.

Gwen Enfield Pearl, Clinical social worker. Northwest DC; 202-363-9191;

Suzanne Resnick, Psychologist. Bethesda; 301-951-0773.

Kathryn Rheem, Marriage and family therapist. Falls Church; 703-283-7570;

Linda Rogers, Marriage and family therapist. Falls Church; 703-241-4151;

Mary-Linda Sara, Licensed professional counselor, marraige and family therapist. Reston; 703-437-6890;

Kate Scharff, Clinical social worker. Bethesda and Dupont Circle; 301-641-3211;

Rosemary Schwartzbard, Psychologist. Arlington; 703-527-2458.

Rebecca Sears, Licensed professional counselor. Dupont Circle; 202-744-1160;

Robert Seidel, Psychologist. Vienna; 703-827-9700.

Richard B. Smith, Psychologist. Dupont Circle; 202-234-6227.

Sue Soler, Clinical social worker. Bethesda; 301-461-8688,

Sharon Spiegel, psychologist. Bethesda; 301-897-5115.

Michael Stadter, Psychologist. Bethesda; 301-656-4778.

Patricia Steen, Clinical social worker. Downtown DC; 202-659-4340.

David Tyson, Clinical social worker. Dupont Circle and Vienna; 202-957-8045;

Michael Wannon, Psychologist. Chevy Chase; 301-951-9488.

Michelle R. Ward, Licensed professional counselor, Marriage and family therapist. Fairfax; 703-591-3377;

Carol Weissbrod, Psychologist. Northwest DC; 202-364-1130.

Heather Wilcox, Clinical social worker. Vienna; 703-944-2289;

William B. Zuckerman, Psychologist. Burke; 703-764-0700;

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  • tiziana

    I wish there is a way to rate these professionals and leave a comment on the quality of their service. I received service from Sue Soler for a child custody agreement. I think she took a long time to work on our case and she gave a superficial and unthoughtful report. I wished she had the skills to analyze a complex situation and to give me and my ex-partner an articulated evaluation of the situation. Unfortunately neither her experience nor her education served the purpose. I feel I picked the wrong one in this list. Reviews and ratings would have been helpful to make the right choice. Those exists for medical doctors, lawyers etc. why not for family therapists? thank you

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