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Flashback brings you up to speed with the buzz and latest news on all things arts and entertainment you may have missed during the weekend.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Gandhi, ready to make out in The Wackness.

Is it just us, or did yesterday's New York Times' profile of George Lucas make the Star Wars director sound a little (okay, a lot) self-serving (“I mean, why do we have to make another ‘Indiana Jones’?” Mr. Lucas said. “There was no point to it, other than, gee, this might be fun.”) and close-minded ("It’s much easier for me to just do the show I want, say, ‘Here it is, do you wish to license it or not?’ ” Mr. Lucas said. “That’s it. There’s no notes, no comments. I don’t care what your opinion is. You either put it on the air or you don’t.”)? Granted, we're no fans of Lucas, but even those loyal to him seem less than impressed with his constant "plundering" of the series.

Los Angeles Times' Patrick Goldstein points out that an actors' strike may not be a bad thing for movie-going audiences after all. 

Unlike Lucas, The Wackness director Jonathan Levine sounds like the kind of guy we'd like to grab a couple of beers with.

Speaking of The Wackness, actress Olivia Thirlby was interviewed by the Post's Ann Hornaday. Hornaday asked Thirlby about her training in Shakespeare. Earlier this month, New York magazine's Yada Juan asked Thirlby about pot and the munchies. Yeah…we know which interview you'll be reading.

In celebration of New York's Gay Pride festivities this past weekend, Salon's Kera Bolonik put together her coming-out mixtape. Our favorite song from the list? The Smiths' "I Want the One I Can't Have."

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