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Flashback brings you up to speed with the buzz on all things arts and entertainment you may have missed during the weekend.

Insufferable? Try adorable.

Robin Givhan’s tribute to special-effects guru Stan Winston had us misty-eyed … and then pissed. Discussing Winston’s work, Givhan writes in the Washington Post: “ ‘Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines’ will not be discussed here even though Winston worked on it. The film pales in comparison to its predecessors and it co-stars the insufferable Claire Danes, whose resting facial expression can best be described as condescension.” Yeah, Terminator 3 sucked, but excuse us, Robin—did you really just call Angela Chase, a.k.a the heroine of our teenage years, insufferable? Because if you did, we might have to go all Rayanne on you.

Guess his karma is not huge after all: Mike Myers’s The Love Guru tanked at the box office with a whimpering $14 million.

RIP, George Carlin

What’s with celebrities taking over the animated voice-work industry? “Blame it all on Robin Williams,” says the Post’s John Anderson. You don’t have to say it twice, man. After Patch Adams, we hold Williams accountable for anything and everything that goes wrong.

Salon columnist Heather Havrilesky is on a serious campaign to win our hearts: Last week, she assured us that America loves whores. Now she calls Bravo’s Flipping Out a work of genius: “ ‘Flipping Out’ is the new ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’—only better,” she says. We swoon.

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