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Kerry Washington to Deliver Commencement Address at George Washington University in May

The “Scandal” actress and GW alumna will also receive an honorary degree.

Photograph via s_bukley/Shutterstock.

Scandal fans, mark your calendars: Il Papa herself, Kerry Washington, will be in Washington to deliver the commencement address for George Washington University on the Mall on Sunday, May 19. Washington graduated magna cum laude from GW in 1998 and will receive an honorary degree from the institution in addition to addressing the crowd of gladiators in gowns. In a press release, GW president Steven Knapp said the Django Unchained actress “has captured the imagination of our students, and they will benefit greatly, as they head out into the world, from hearing her perspective both as an alumna and as a highly successful actor on stage, in film, and on television.” The press release failed to mention whether Tony Goldwyn will be making an appearance to stare at her creepily from afar.

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  • Ms. Peacock

    Shame on The Washingtonian! Who the heck hired someone with a sense of humor? Whatever happened to delivering the news through a lifeless monotone? And what’s next for you Washingtonian savages…sarcasm? Fun? Light-hearted commentary???

    I won’t stand for it. As soon as I’m done lecturing the television and muttering something or another under my breath, I’m going to assemble my most socially ignorant, utterly unpleasant friends, and we’re all going to get REALLY upset at this. (Keep an eye out for our posts.) And you know what? If the neighbor’s kid kicks that soccer ball into my yard one more time, JUST ONE MORE TIME, I’m going to keep it! You hear me?? That’s right, I got me a brand new soccer ball!!

  • laila

    the outrage at this post is hilarious.

  • Paule Fancy

    The last sentence of this article does not reflect journalistic professionalism at all!! What was Tanya Pai thinking when writing that!! Why even use the term "creepily" to talk about anybody you don't personally know? That is just plain mean!! Somebody who is a boss at the "Washingtonian" should take Tanya aside and ask her: "what were you thinking?" I mean Is it jealousy or just stupidity? What did Kerry Washington do to you to sully an announcement of her achievement this way? Tanya Pai should hand over any communications degree she received to the institution she graduated from!!!
    SERIOUSLY?? Come on!!!

  • Galand

    Extremely disrespectful? Completely distasteful? Yeesh. If this is the kind of stuff that ruffles feathers around here, I'd hate to see what happens when you open your blinds to the outside world. Nothing was said to discredit her accomplishments, but rather it was just a shout out to fans of the show - relax a little.

  • yari

    Hard to believe this article written by journalist. The statement made regarding Tony Goldwyn was tactless, unprofessional and classless

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