What to Do This Week: September 4 to 6

A classic Steve Martin flick plus a signing and happy hour for “Suri’s Burn Book.”

By: Jason Koebler

Tuesday, September 4

’80S MOVIE: AFI Silver’s Totally Awesome ’80s festival brings your favorite flicks from the days of neon leggings and bad hair back to the big screen. Wash down that barbecue you ate this weekend with some popcorn and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, a Steve Martin spoof on ’40s noir films. Tickets ($11.50) are available through AFI’s website. 9:45 PM.

Wednesday, September 5

CELEB PARODIES: Suri may have gotten away from her wackjob father thanks to Katie Holmes, but a few years with Mr. Cruise must have made her vindictive. Allie Hagan, the creator of Suri’s Burn Book, just came out with a book based on the blog in which a (fictitious, duh) Suri talks smack about the Shiloh Jolie-Pitts and Blue Ivy Carters of the world. The bar at Avenue Suites in Georgetown is hosting a book signing and happy hour with Hagan—bring all the judgy thoughts you’ve ever had about celeb babies to share. 6 PM. RSVP to burnbook@brandlinkdcrsvp.com.

Thursday, September 6

SHORT MOVIES: The DC Shorts film festival kicks off Thursday—get it started right with one of two showcases (and food pairings) at Landmark E Street Cinema. At 7 PM, Chef Ed Witt (of 701) will make crostini with lamb tartare to go with Murder Mouth, an Australian movie about a woman who decides to only eat animals she kills herself. You’ll also get eight other movies—including one about karma, one about an autistic man going on a job interview, and one about the potential pitfalls of taking naked pictures of yourself—to watch while you digest. At 9:30, another set of movies starts—no food this time, but you’ll watch films about the Philippine sugar-cane industry, a love that’s reignited on New Year’s Eve, and a guy who decides to use voodoo to do good. Tickets ($12 for each showcase) are available online. 7 and 9:30 PM.

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