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Best Weekend News Ever: Mintwood Place Has Brunch (Menu)

But the hangover special may well stop your heart before it cures your headache.

Cedric Maupillier pigs out at Mintwood Place.

Ever since Perry’s restaurateur Saied Azali opened Mintwood Place next door, crowds have been packing the place for a chance to crack into chef Cedric Maupillier’s hearty bistro fare. 

So we know how you happy you’ll be to hear that brunch service begins this Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 AM to 3 PM,* and there are enough eggs, smoked fish, sweet treats, and porky products on the menu to satisfy every mid-morning-to-early-afternoon cravings. Think blueberry buttermilk pancakes, Belgian waffles, egg-topped pork and beans, and  flammekueche—that’s what some Alsatian regions call tarte flambée—with bacon and onions. 

Fans of lighter fare can look to the smoked seafood plate with salmon, trout, tuna loin, bay scallops, mussels, and customary accoutrements like capers, chopped egg, and buttery brioche. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the “hangover special,” a riff on poutine featuring dry-aged beef patties heaped with fries, bacon, Gruyère cheese, an over-easy egg, and ranch dressing.  

More good news: Red chairs made of recycled Coca-Cola cans just arrived at the restaurant, and are bound for a 35-seat outdoor patio slated to open the weekend after next.

See the brunch menu here.

*This post originally stated that brunch at Mintwood runs until 3:30 PM. The restaurant got in touch to say service ends at 3. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.

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  • LBM

    Checked out the brunch this weekend - WAY overpriced. Not that great...the Cuban grilled cheese was $14, really salty. The hangover special was probably the best item, but how do you go wrong with that.

  • Neill

    The actual hours of brunch will be 10:30am to 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Pardon the misprint in the article.

  • Na

    interesting how this links to the dinner menu instead

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