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A Burger A Day in May: Crystal City Good Stuff Eatery Is (Unofficially) Open for Dinner

We stopped by the new Arlington outpost to learn about new menu items, the Co Co Sala collab, and when that Georgetown location will open.

Good Stuff burgers: Now on offer in Crystal City. Photograph by Kate Nerenberg.

Rumors of a Good Stuff Eatery opening in Crystal City have been swirling around for ages, but this week, it’s finally happening. The popular burger spot’s suburban debut is officially tomorrow, but they opened for dinner last night and will do the same tonight because, well, hordes of people came.

We stopped by the new location and sat down with chef Spike Mendelsohn’s sister Micheline (same last name), and learned that the Mendelsohn team (mom and dad work there, too) expansion means that both locations will begin offering new things.

What new things? These:

• Cookies and cream and salted caramel shakes are now both are on the permanent menu at Crystal City, as is a steak burger. They will also appear on new menu boards going up at the Capitol Hill location in a week or so.

• Partnerships with Co Co Sala and with local T-shirt designer Jon Wye mean new merch. Co Co Sala has designed three custom chocolates modeled after popular Good Stuff milkshakes: Dark chocolate toasted marshmallow, milk chocolate Milky Way malt, and white chocolate with strawberry and Pop Rocks. Yup, they put Pop Rocks in the chocolate. Wye has designed new Good Stuff shirts—one’s available now, another is on its way.

So what’s different about the Arlington location?

• For starters, it’s about twice as big as the original, with a more open layout—so if you fail to get off on the aggressive mind games that come with scoring a table at the Cap Hill Good Stuff, you’re in luck. More registers mean lines should be shorter as well.

• There’s a semi-private space that can be rented for parties.

• The Creamery, where fresh custard is made every day and used in milkshakes, sits just behind a floor-to-ceiling piece of glass, so customers can watch the process. Judging by the reaction of the little ones at last night’s event, it will hypnotize your children with about the same intensity as that Krispy Kreme icing waterfall.

So what about further expansion, Micheline?

• Good Stuff’s third location in Georgetown will be open by the end of the year. “September … hopefully,” says Micheline. It will sit next to Rhino Bar at 3291 M Street, and it may have expanded hours to satisfy post-11 PM (and post-Rhino Bar) cravings.

Good Stuff Eatery Crystal City. 2010 Crystal Drive, Arlington. Opens officially on Wednesday, May 9. Open 11 AM to 11 PM, Monday through Saturday.

  • Regarding Good Stuff Eatery… If tonight’s opening is anything like last night’s soft opening (they were open unofficially for dinner the last two evenings), it should be, well, “interesting”. The unit is their national demonstration design, best suited to a suburb with moderate volume. Just a few registers, not enough seating, and the space for the line is far too narrow for high pedestrian traffic. No way will they be able to handle the Crystal City lunch rush, not a chance. Chick-Fil-A down the street has 3X the registers, 4X the space for people to queue in line, and it’s jammed at lunch hour anyway (but functional). The staff has no preparation to handle real crowds. The staff person we spoke to said the mob scene was because the food was free, implying that it would be better after the restaurant properly opens tonight. Nonsense — the crowd was average-sized for Crystal City, and no one had to lose time dealing with payment, etc. so it should have been *easier*, not harder. Good luck, Spike…..

  • Katie

    horde = group of people
    hoard = you live in a scary house with 200 dead cats

  • campbler

    Thanks for pointing it out the error. We've fixed it.

  • swmluvah

    They chose a spot next to another place that sells burgers? Sure, not "traditional" ones, but that seems a tad forward?

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